Everything you need to know to start using Folium leaf tableware like a pro

What is Folium leaf plates/bowls made from?

Ans : All Folium tableware is made from 2 -4 layers of leaves. No glue, No additives just plain leaves are used to make these plates and bowls

Can these plates / bowls be used for hot and cold foods?

Ans: Yes they can be used for hot and cold food

Are these plates / bowls leak proof?

Ans: Depending on the size we use 3-4 layers of leaves to make these plates which makes them leak proof. So you can use them for dry or liquid food

Can Folium plates/bowls compost in the backyard composting?

Ans : These tablewares are made only from leaves and they can easily be composted at home in your backyard composting bin

Compostable plates bowls

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