Disposable plates bowls compostable

We started this company with the aim to reduce the number of single-use products that end -up in landfills or sadly into our oceans. Our mission is to reduce environmental footprint, bring awareness and help empower sustainable lifestyle.

Leaf plates and bowls, a simple concept with the power to make an impressive impact. With sustainability at its core, it is an initiative to balance and use our resources better.

This isn’t a new concept. There are many cultures where it has been common to use leaf dishes for hundreds of years. The leaf plates are then composted with the food wastes itself and in about 2-3 months they are ready to rush back to earth in a nutrient rich state, ready to support the next generation…

Compostable leaf plates

The above is an illustration of food served on banana leaves – a very common sight in many south and south east asian cultures.

Our leaf plates and bowls are 100% compostable. ZERO WASTE is our mantra and our destination.

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